Rahman Enclave - CDA NOC

A monumental achievement.

In the past 5 years, Rahman Enclave is the only housing project in Islamabad to have been granted an NOC by the Capital Development Authority. Specifically in the Zone IV of Islamabad, no other locally and indigineiously owned housing project has been granted an NOC in the history of the Federal Capital, owned by the Bin Abdur Rahman family, Rahman Enclave is the only locally owned housing project to have been granted an NOC by the CDA.


The CEO of Bin Abdur Rahman (Pvt) Ltd, Mr Abid Rahman has personally perused the entire process and over the course of five years, owing to his relentless struggle, persistence and perseverance the project has been awarded this monumental achievement. The notification for the NOC was received by the project team right as the year 2019 drew to a close. Since the issuance of NOC by the CDA the project team members have been making preparations for start of formal marketing and sales operations of the project.


For more details about the housing project and the NOC Status that it has been granted, please visit the CDA website via the link below.