Horticulture at Rahman Enclave

Rahman Enclave has been envisioned to be the leading gated community of Islamabad, providing housing that has an unparalleled environment. The major factor that leads to the beauty of any project, and which elevates the quality of the life within the society itself is how peaceful and refreshing the project layout is. In order to make a project or housing society peaceful and comfortable to live in, emphasis has to be given on the greenery and horticulture plan of the project.

Any housing project is pleasing to the eye if it has a lush green outlook.

Rahman Enclave has been developed with just that in mind. Having a lush green horticulture landscape, the project gives a fresh and natural ambiance, the streets lined with trees, main boulevards and major rounds about, and drive-ways are lined with fresh green grass giving the overall project an amazing refreshing ambiance. The use of Chinar trees on the main roads, along with Pines has given the project its distinctive look. Rahman Enclave horticulture has been developed in house, our consultant Mr Fawad Ahmed has been working on the development of the horticulture plan since the inception of the project. Over the years, the project has developed in to a picturesque housing societies of Islamabad.

Rahman Enclave has been developed as an ideal gated community. A big part of developing a healthy living environment is to give its residents a refreshing feeling. That is the objective behind the entire horticulture effort that has been made at Rahman Enclave.

The two key features of Rahman Enclave are it:

  • Rahman Enclave Family Park
  • Sports Complex at Rahman Enclave

Rahman Enclave Family Park

Over the years, the Horticulture requirements of Rahman Enclave have been evolving. Today, there is a complete team of service providers who are catering to the maintenance and upkeep of the project. The entire look and feel of the main intersections and boulevards are maintained by the Horticulture team of Rahman Enclave.

Below is an image carousel of Rahman Enclave family park, this park has been maintained for the residents of Rahman Enclave. Not only is the park maintained in pristine condition, but it is ensured that families residing in Rahman Enclave can avail the services of the Horticulture department.

Images have been taken on site by Khawar Ali Sher.