Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Does Rahman Enclave have CDA NOC?

Yes, Rahman Enclave is the only housing project in Zone IV of Islamabad which has obtained an NOC from the CDA during the last 5 years. Being a leading project of Islamabad which has satisfied all the requirements of the CDA such as:

  • Family Parks, Gym and Sports Complex.
  • Commercial Area with ample parking space.
  • Mosque and Graveyard.
  • Dedicated plot for school.
  • 50 feet wide roads.
  • Underground provisioning of every service like electricity, gas, water connection.
  • Underground infrastructure such as sewerage and drainage network completed.


  1. Does Rahman Enclave give registry / ownership deed?

Being an approved housing society with Layout Plan Approval (LOP) and NOC issued from CDA, Allotment Letter issued by Rahman Enclave is the proof of ownership.


  1. Without registry, what proof of ownership do I have?

 Upon completion of payments or transfer process, the management of Bin Abdur Rahman (Pvt) Ltd. the parent company of Rahman Enclave, will issue the allottee an Allotment Letter, which will serve as the definitive proof of ownership. The transfer of plot ownership will be processed at the head office, in the presence of the Estate Manager of Rahman Enclave.


  1. What is the status of Utilities such as Electricity, Sui Gas and telephone?

Apart from being the only housing project to have been granted NOC from CDA in the last 5 years, Rahman Enclave is proud to be the only project which has active Electricity Meters being installed by IESCO / Wapda, another milestone! As the installation of new meters has been suspended from the last two months in the Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Similarly, SUI NORTHERN is deploying a dedicated pipeline which shall supply gas exclusively for the residents of Rahman Enclave. The deployment of underground piping and infrastructure has already been completed, and physical supply of Sui Gas will commence shortly.

Not just that, Rahman Enclave has NOC and Approvals from all the relevant authorities such as WAPDA / IESCO, SNGPL and the EPA.


  1. What are the Monthly society charges?

Nominal monthly service charges are applicable depending upon home size for services such as garbage collection, 24/7 security, horticulture maintenance and water supply.

– 25 x 50 (139 Sq Yd) home = PKR 1200 (Per month)
– 30 x 60 (200 Sq Yd) home =PKR 1800 (Per month)
– 35 x 70 (272 Sq Yd) home = PKR 2500 (Per month)
– 40 x 80 (356 Sq Yd) home =PKR 3000 (Per month)
– 50 x 90 (500 Sq Yd) home =PKR 3500 (Per month)


  1. How does the project manage water supply? Is water being provided by the society?

Being blessed with abundant underground water, the society management has built a 100,000 Gallon overhead tank, along with a 200,000 gallon underground water storage tank. Having ample underground water, which has been tested by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and declared fit for drinking. The deep underwater source of Rahman Enclave has been declared as a “for life” source, therefore the project has abundant water supply for all its requirements.


  1. Who will manage the project and society?

The management and ownership of Rahman Enclave rests with Bin Abdur Rahman (Pvt) Ltd, not only do the Directors live on the site, but also all the workers, labour and even most of the office staff lives inside premises of Rahman Enclave.


  1. Are your prices are market competitive? and do you offer any rebates and incentives for construction?

Being located at one of the most quickly developing areas in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, the rates of Rahman Enclave are still very much below par the prevailing market rates. The pricing presents a unique opportunity for all the investors, and prospective house owners, to not only have a chance at appreciation and real return on investment, but also own a plot in a “ready to live” location, at the heart of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


  1. Do you have a school inside the society, if not then how will you make and operate it?

Being a project, which has its Layout Plan (LOP) and NOC approved and issued by the CDA, Rahman Enclave has all the facilities and amenities of a modern-day gated community. One of the most important among them is a school for all the families which shall live in the project in the very near future. The project has a dedicated plot for the construction of a school, which has an area in excess of 8 Kanal. Even now, various international and prestigious schooling chains have shown interest in the school plot, and in due course of time, the Management of Bin Abdur Rahman (Pvt) Ltd will ensure that a modern, state of the art educational institution is established to address the needs of the residents of our gated community.


  1. How many commercial plots do you have?

As per the approved Layout Plan of Rahman Enclave, there are above 30 commercial plots in Rahman Enclave. The plots have all the regular sizes as being common in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. A number of brands, multinationals, and banks have already approached the management and shown their interest in our commercial projects. Currently the management is considering proposals submitted by investors, as well as projects developed in-house, and soon commercial projects will be launched by Rahman Enclave.


  1. What are the advantages of Location?

Rahman Enclave is ideally located at prime land on Khanna Lehtrar Road Islamabad, between the Khanna Pull Interchange (Islamabad Expressway) & Tramrai Chowk (Park Road). This location advantage means that Rahman Enclave is on the main 150 Ft wide Khanna Lehtrar Road in the middle of fully developed and populated residential & commercial areas. The Lehtrar Road is one of the major roads of the twin cities connecting with Azad Kashmir and adjoining Northern areas.

Certain renowned and prominent educational institutes such as Rawal Medical College, COMSATS University, Head Start, Pak-Turk and Roots Millennium Schools etc. are located in the near vicinity of Rahman Enclave. Apart from that health care facilities such as HBS Hospital, Rawal Hospital and Heart Center are also located nearby.

  • Koral Interchange 1.5 Kilometes
  • Park Road (Tramri Chowk) 3 Kilometers
  • Rawal Dam Chowk (Murree Road) 8 Kilometers
  • Zero Point 8 Kilometers
  • Faizabad Interchange 6 Kilometers
  • Airport 9 Kilometers
  • Bahria Enclave & Park Encalve 4 Kilometers
  • Planned Islamabad DHQ Hospital 3 Kilometers
  • COMSATS University 4 Kilometers
  • PINSTECH Nilore 5 Kilometers