Rahman Enclave is ideally located at prime land on Khanna Lehtrar Road Islamabad, between the under-construction Khanna Pull Interchange (Islamabad Expressway) & Tramrai Chowk (Park Road). This location advantage means that Rahman Enclave is on the main 150 Ft wide Khanna Lehtrar Road in the middle of fully developed and populated residential & commercial areas. The Lehtrar Road is one of the major roads of the twin cities connecting with Azad Kashmir and adjoining Northern areas.

Certain renowned and prominent educational institutes such as Rawal Medical College, COMSATS University, Head Start, Pak-Turk and Roots Millennium Schools etc are located in the near vicinity of Rahman Enclave. Apart from that health care facilities such as  HBS Hospital, Rawal Hospital and Heart Center are also located near by.

The following key installation having a signal free access from Rahman Encalve:

  • Koral Interchange 1.5 Kilometes
  • Park Road (Tramri Chowk)   3 Kilometers
  • Rawal Dam Chowk (Murree Road) 8 Kilometers
  • Zero Point   8 Kilometers
  • Faizabad Interchange 6 Kilometers
  • Airport 9 Kilometers
  • Bahria Enclave & Park Encalve   4 Kilometers
  • Planned Islamabad DHQ Hospital 3 Kilometers
  • COMSATS University 4 Kilometers
  • PINSTECH Nilore 5 Kilometers

Location Map of Rahman Enclave

Due to the development of the Signal Free Corridor on the Expressway and the development of Khanna Exchange, the future residents of Rahman Enclave will benefit greatly. It will be situated on the primary route which connects Park Road, Bahria Enclave, Park Enclave with Rawalpindi and Islamabad. For a retail perspective, the future business potential of the commercial area of Rahman Enclave which is also located on the main Khanna Lehtrar Road will hold tremendous potential, as not only will it draw footfall from Rahman Enclave itself, it will be the best option for residents of Falcon Complex, Fizaia, Ghori Town, Bahria Enclave, Park Enclave, ISI Apartments and other adjoining localities. Adjacent to Rahman Enclave, three medical colleges are located, with allied medical hospitals, these facilities draw a huge number of residents to Rahman Enclave. This unique location and tremendous potential of drawing visitors from posh localities of the twin cities makes it an ideal location which will of great interest to consumer oriented businesses.