Development Work at Rahman Enclave

The development work on Rahman Enclave is progressing smoothly, and by the Grace of Allah, we have achieved every single one of our targets. During the initial phases of Construction, the work was started on the Main Gate of Rahman Enclave along with the development of the road profiles and Under-ground provisioning of Services such as Power / Electricity, Gas, Sewerage and Drainage systems.

Now the project has reached a milestone in terms of development. The main gate of Rahman Enclave has been completed and as shown beside, the gate is now a local land mark on the Khanna Lehtrar Road. The Main Gate of Rahman Enclave is a distinctive feature, showing the elegance, class and professional acumen of the develops as well as their dedication to making Rahman Enclave one of the premier Gated Housing Communities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The Main Boulevard

The development work of the main roundabout has been completed, and the Main Boulevard has also been successfully completed on time. The horticultural landscaping of the roundabout as well as the main boulevard (MBV) has been done by the horticulture department of Bin Abdur Rahman (Pvt) Ltd.

Marketing Office

The marketing and sales office is nearing completion, the office will assist the visitors and potential buyers of Rahman Enclave. Our sales staff is present in the office during working hours and gives every visitor a detailed tour of the entire project.