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The commercial Area of Rahman Enclave is part of the approved Layout Plan of the housing project. In total there are 4 commercial area’s in Rahman Enclave. The Lehtrar Commercial, which is located just at the entrance of the Project, is the first ever CDA Approved Commercial Area on the Lehtrar Road.

Apart from that, the Project has 3 more commercial areas. The details of all the commercial, residential, amenity plots etc can be obtained from the CDA Website. The website can also be used to verify the CDA NOC of Rahman Enclave. The project, along with all its residential and commercial plots, is approved by the CDA (Capital Development Authority)

The ideal Commercial Option on Lehtrar Road!

Currently the existing commercial areas along the Lehtrar Road have a number of problems, it is difficult to point them all out! Mostly speaking, the commercial areas along the Lehtrar Road are not approved, and structures already built upon them do not comply with the By-Laws of the CDA.

No CDA Approval is there all buildings have been made without any approval from the Capital Development Authority. Most of the construction along the Lehrar Road has substandard quality coupled with the old age of some of the buildings, becomes a life risk for people doing business. As most of the commercial buildings along Lehtrar road are built in violation of CDA Construction By-Laws, CDA has right to take any legal action at any time against these illegally constructed buildings so from the perspective of the investors who have invested their hard-earned money in these commercial buildings, their investment is at risk.

Lehtrar Road being a very busy road has a lot of traffic passing by on daily basis and it faces congestion due to illegal encroachment that disturbs the smooth traffic flow. It also causes difficulties for general public as no space for walkways remains there and pedestrians are forced to walk over the road. Due to absence of ample proper parking spaces even being a 180 Ft wide national highway Lehtrar Rd is choked by the traffic during day times due to push cart vendors and wrong parking by people visiting it.

Another issue that is being addressed by the Management of Rahman Enclave is the lack of proper waste management and sewerage system that causes water and waste to flow on the roads. In Rahman Enclave, and especially its commercial area, in a strak contrast to the vicinity, proper drainage and waste management procedures have been established.

Similarly, electricity wires are hanging over the plazas along the Lehtrar Road, as proper underground supply of Electricity is often not ensured, this exposed wiring is a severe risk for the buildings and people. Any bad incident can happen at any time due to a short circuit. In Rahman Enclave, which is approved by the IESCO, proper underground wiring has been done to ensure that no harm comes to the commercial properties and the businesses can operate in a smooth manner. 

Lack of security is another factor; the commercial buildings are of old designs and no security measures have been taken while constructing them like emergency exits or installation of fire extinguishing equipment. In case of any fire or emergency life and property losses can be huge. Surveillance is also another challenge as security cameras are not installed in many buildings. The buildings have flats and shops both in them that causes severe disturbance to the families living in such buildings.