Gate community living is the modern lift style of living. The communities are developed so as to make sure that all the amenities of life are avaialble to the residents within a short drive distance. The “Gated” aspect is that the entire bubble of life is encapsulated within the community itself, and the family members do not have to commute long distances or time.

Monument Slide
Monument of Rahman Enclave

The ideal gated community is where any house hold had services such as educational institutes, commercial centers, religious worship places, and sports facilities within a walking distance from their home. This ensures a lifestyle which is healthy, and encourages a progressive mindset in all the family members no matter their age. Added on top of this amazing living experience is the ambiance and the horticultural landscaping of the entire gated community. This gives the residents a sense of ease and enables their mind to ease the pressures and problems of life. A pleasant walk in the evening in a lush green setting can ease the burdens of the mind.

Rahman Enclave is such an ideal gated community which is offering amenities such as educational institutions, commercial centers, open air gyms, walking tracks, family parks and a lush green ambiance. The project has its own in-house nursery, thereby ensuring that the horticulture is always pleasing to the eye. The green-lined streets are a treat to behold. The residents of Rahman Enclave are able to enjoy this living standard, and the young ones can often be seen having sports such as football, basket ball and cricket in the dedicated sports complex which has been established inside the project.

Boys playing football
Boys playing football at Sports Complex of Rahman Enclave.

For details about the availability of plots and booking your place in this dream project, please contact the Sales teams of Rahman Enclave.

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